Goals & Objectives of the Land Use Office

The Land Use Office serves many functions for the citizens of East Haddam.

  1. As direct staffing for the Planning and Zoning Commission, The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, the Open Space Committee, the Conservation Commission and the Water Pollution Control Authority.
  2. As an indirect staffing for the Historic District Commission, the Economic Development Commission and the Recreation Commission on associated issues.
  3. Through the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Office serves as a central coordinating site for most planning and building projects conducted by Commissions, Boards, and Community Groups.
  4. To assist the public in completing applications for the above referenced Commissions.
  5. As an education and information center for the citizens of East Haddam, Boards and Commissions, and individuals interested in the Town of East Haddam with Land Use issues.
  6. To coordinate with the Building Department and the Chatham Health District an efficient system of review of applications and construction sites for compliance.

The mission of the Land Use Office is to provide the above mentioned services (staffing, coordination and public assistance) in an efficient and flexible work environment.

Individual Duties/Reporting Structure

Land Use Administrator
Full time, managerial staff support for the Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission hired to manage and execute the day to day municipal land use operations. Reports to the Planning and Zoning Commission, Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, and Water Pollution Control Authority. Works closely with the First Selectman regarding Land Use Issues, personnel and office operations.

General Duties:

  • see listings by specific Commission

Zoning Enforcement Officer
Full Time staff person support for the Land Use Administrator, hired to review applications and plans for zoning compliance, conduct inspections, and enforce zoning regulations through permitting and response to violations. Reports to the Land Use Administrator.

General Duties:

  • Process zoning permits, check for present compliance and tax records, check for compliance within permit, site walk where required.
  • Act on complaints and violations
  • Issue cease and desist orders for zoning and inland/wetland and watercourse violations, when necessary and as directed by Land Use Administrator.
  • Monitor for compliance where problems exist or as directed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and Land Use Administrator.
  • Review and inspect sites for proper soil erosion and sedimentation control measures where required, including house, pond, road and other construction activities.
  • Inspect sites for completion and compliance.
  • Attend meetings and hearings when necessary, including but not limited to, Planning and Zoning and Zoning Board of Appeals.
  • Other related duties as required by supervisor.

Land Use Office / Zoning Office Administrative Assistant
Full time, administrative and public education and information staff support for the Land Use Administrator. The starting point for public contact with the office regarding all applications and land use related questions. Reports to the Land Use Administrator and Zoning Enforcement Officer.

General Duties:

  • Answering basic zoning and wetland inquiries. Expected to know the content of the zoning and wetland regulations to direct people through the table of contents to information about their issue. Not expected to interpret or know every aspect of the regulations.
  • Give application forms to prospective applicants.
  • Check application forms to ensure that forms have been filled out completely.
  • Accept new applications and recording fees.
  • Manage the financial accounting from accounts receivable.
  • Manage the office paper and computer filing systems.
  • File appropriate department records.
  • Set appointments for Land Use Administrator and Zoning Enforcement Officer.
  • Distribute agenda, minutes, field walk notices, etc. for P& Z, IWWCC, WPCA, Conservation Commission and Open Space Committee.
  • Send out legal notices to newspapers.
  • Send mailings and letters (approval, denial and other notification)
  • File all Land Use Commission meeting agendas, minutes, letters, etc. with Town Clerk’s Office.
  • Order office supplies.
  • Other related duties as required by supervisor.

Recording Secretary
Part time, administrative assistance for the Land Use Administrator. Takes the notes and prepares minutes of evening commission meetings. Provides minutes to Land Use Administrator for review and distribution. Reports to the P&Z, IWWC and WPCA.

General Duties:

  • Attend all Planning and Zoning Commission, Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Commission, or Water Pollution Control Authority meetings and record minutes.
  • File minutes with the Land Use Administrator within 5 days of the meeting.
  • Type up verbatims for the Land Use Commissions, when necessary.

WORKING WITH COMMISSIONS AND OTHER GROUPS - Duties by Commission for the Land Use Administrator

Is the commission charged with recommending and regulating the most desirable use of land within the town. Zoning regulations are in place to provide guidance for residential, recreational, commercial, industrial, and conservation land use.

The commission may also make recommendations regarding the infrastructure system of the town, including principal roads and bridges, and general location and improvements concerning parks, public buildings, playgrounds and other public structures. All subdivision of land must be approved by the commission and new businesses are review through the special exception process and site plan review.

Is the commission charged with overseeing the protection, preservation, maintenance and use of the town’s inland wetland and water resources. Issue with modifications or deny permits for activities in all areas with soil types designated as poorly drained, very poorly drained, alluvial or flood plain, or within the regulated area (100 ft.) of a wetland soil or watercourse.

The Land Use Administrator provides staff assistance to these commissions as related to his administration, regulatory, and planning functions. The Land Use Administrator’s daily duties as related to these commissions include the following:


supervision of the preparation of agendas, minutes, legal notices, letter of approval/denial
review approved plans prior to filing for compliance with approvals
issue notices of violations and cease and desist orders
process zoning permits (check taxes, research files, field visit, review plans, check for compliance with regulatory agencies)
assist Commission chairmen with preparation and present budgets for land use commissions
responsible for the procurement of office supplies and equipment as required for support of the Land Use office and related commissions.

attend all Commission meetings and subcommittee meetings


review/help applicants with the preparation of all applications


distribution of reports and information to and from other Town/State/Regional Agencies, Consultants, and Officials
provide all applications to the Commission for consideration
make reports to the commission regarding zoning issues of violations or cease and desist orders
coordinate and review applications with the Building Department
distribute regulations and maps
work with the Board of Selectman on planning and zoning issues
work in coordination with other Commissions, Boards and groups on planning issues


attend site walks with the commission members and applicants, when necessary
monitor subdivision and/or roadway construction for compliance with approved plans and regulations
supervise and/or inspect erosion control measures to check for compliance
perform or supervise response to zoning complaints and/or violations, and if necessary issue notices


monitor and supervise long and short range planning projects, including plan of development updates
review, research and suggest changes to land use regulations that may not reflect present needs

Open space areas within the Town of East Haddam have been and continue to be a diminishing resource, and such open space areas are considered a valuable asset to the community. It is recognized that there is a need to obtain additional open space areas in order to meet future recreational needs, to preserve agricultural lands, to protect natural resource areas and to maintain the Town's quality of life. The Committee has recommended several key parcels that have been purchased and is actively reviewing and discussing the possible acquisition of several key parcels.

The Land Use Administrator’s daily duties as related to this commission include the following: Work with the Committee to identify and quantify potential parcels for open space preservation, act as liaison for the Committee with property owners, appraisers, attorneys, real estate agents, and partners such as the State and the The Nature Conservancy. Write grant applications and prepare materials for public presentations.

Is the group formed to monitor the Village Center sewage treatment plant facility and sewer system. The Authority also has the power to develop and enforce activities to protect the groundwater and aquifers of the Town of East Haddam. This includes review and operation septic systems of 5000 gallons per day or more and the installation and operation of community water systems.

The Land Use Administrator provides administrative staff assistance to this commission and attends meetings as necessary. Other duties include assisting applicants, reviewing applications, and preparing/reviewing memos. Continue to work with the Authority and the Chatham Health District for sewer avoidance in the lake areas.

Work with this department daily to coordinate an efficient system of reviewing applications and ongoing construction sites for compliance to the regulations. This interaction and communication is essential for proper coverage of the issues that face these offices. This department reports to the First Selectman.

Is the group that reviews zoning issues. The Land Use Administrator provides administrative staff assistance to this commission and attends meetings as necessary. Other duties include assisting applicants, reviewing applications, and preparing/reviewing memos.

The function of the Land Use Department and Land Use Administrator is advisory. Communication is on-going. Planning and administrative assistance is on an as needed basis with the Board of Selectmen, Public Works, Fire Department, Board of Finance, Economic Development Commission & Coordinator, Board of Education, Conservation Commission, Recreation Commission, Board of Education, Middle School Conversion Committee, Historic District Commission, East Haddam Land Trust, Eightmile River Watershed Committee, and the Salmon River Watershed Committee.

1 Plains Road
P.O. Box 385
Fax: 860-873-1565 fax