Village Revitalization Committee

Commission Members:

William C. Gerrish (R), Chairman
Melanie I. Kolek (D), Secretary
William A. Brady (D)
Robert R. Casner (D)
James M. Curtin (D)
Randolph W. Dill (R)
Gerald T. Smith (D)


Michael E. Gionta (R)
Mark B. Walter (R)

1 Plains Road
P.O. Box 385
Moodus, CT 06469
860-873-5025 fax

East Haddam Village Revitalization Committee Charge

RESOLVED: That an East Haddam Village Revitalization Committee (EHVRC) is hereby established for the purpose of oversight and implementation of converting the town office site property into a commercially viable area in East Haddam, using the East Haddam Mobility and Improvement Project, East Haddam Village Ad Hoc Committee report and the Town Offices Site Re-Use Study as guiding documents.

Section 1.  The EHVRC shall consist of seven (7) members and two (2) alternates, to be appointed by the Board of Selectmen.  The term of office of said members shall continue until the project is complete and accepted by the town and the committee is discharged, except that any member may resign or be removed by a vote of the Board of Selectmen at any time.  The Board of Selectmen shall fill any vacancy on the EHVRC.  The EHVRC shall select its own chairman and secretary.

Section 2.  The members of the EHVRC shall not receive any compensation for their services.  The necessary expenses of the committee shall be included in the estimated project cost and any appropriation to be requested by the EHVRC from the Town.  All records of the EHVRC shall be filed with the Town Clerk and open to public inspection in accordance with applicable state statutes.

Section 3.  The EHVRC shall have the following powers and duties:

(a)To consult with the Board of Selectmen, and other East Haddam Village stakeholders including, but not limited to: Goodspeed Opera House, Town Officials and Commissions, Village area business owners, residents and the Connecticut Department of Transportation concerning plans for the commercial enhancement of the East Haddam Village;

(b)To investigate site ownership alternatives and their short and long term economic impact and report findings to the Board of Selectmen;

(c)To report on all progress to the East Haddam Economic Development Commission monthly and to the East Haddam Board of Selectmen quarterly;

(d)To interview interested developers and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen;

(e)To review and approve all plans for said project, and to supervise and/or provide for the proper supervision and coordination of the project in the Town’s best interest;

(f)To coordinate with auxiliary projects, including village parking and increasing commercial development;

(g)To provide to the Board of Selectmen proper estimates of the project cost and a written request for an appropriation equal to the amount estimated necessary to complete the town’s portions of said project, if any, in a timely and workmanlike manner;

(h)To assist in the application for any grants that may be available to the Town for said project, and provide or execute any necessary documentation for such a grant application;

(i)Upon the approval of said appropriation, and subject to the limits thereof, to contract with architects, engineers, contractors and others in the name and on behalf of the town to design, build and complete the town’s portions of the project, if any, and approve all design and construction expenditures for the project.

Section 4.  Upon completion of the commercial development revitalization, the Committee will make a complete report and accounting to the Board of Selectmen.