Notable East Haddamites

Luther Boardman – maker of silver plated ware and Britannia spoons

Morgan G. Bulkeley - Governor and U.S. Senator

Epaproditus Champion – Commissary General during Revolution War

George Comer – Arctic explorer and whaler

Christopher Dodd - U.S. Senator

William Gillette – actor who portrayed Sherlock Holmes

William H. Goodspeed – shipbuilder, businessman and theater-lover

Bill Griffith - cartoonist

Nathan Hale – teacher, patriot and martyr of Revolution War

Uriel Holmes – U.S. Representative

The Reverend Stephen Hosmer - first minister

Jonathan O. Moseley - U.S. Representative

William E. Nichols - inventor of the whirligig twister and manufacturer of twine

Francis H. Parker - local historian

Venture Smith – former slave, entrepreneur

Joseph Spencer - Major General during Revolution War

Dyar Throop - first judge of county court and Brig. General during Revolution War