Frequently Asked Questions

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                                   Transfer Station FAQs October 2023 Printable Flyer.pdf 

What days and hours are the Transfer Station open?
The Transfer station is open on Monday, 7:00am – 5:00pm, Wednesday, 6:00am – 6:00pm, Friday, 7:00am – 5:00pm and Saturday, 7:00am – 2;00pm. Note:  The scale closes 15 minutes prior to closing.  If you are bringing bulky waste or other fee items, please plan your trip accordingly.

What holidays is the Transfer Station closed?
The Transfer Station will be closed on the following holidays:

New Year's Eve (closes at noon)  New Year’s Day                      President’s Day
Martin Luther King Day                 Memorial Day                        Columbus Day
Good Friday                                    Friday after Thanksgiving    Christmas Day
Labor Day                                       Veteran’s Day                    Christmas Eve (closes at 10:30am)

Is there a cost for the Transfer Station permit?
Annual permits are available to all Town Residents with proof of residency at no cost.  Commercial Businesses, Contractors and Haulers must apply for a permit and pay a fee.   See the website for more details. 

Where can I get a permit to use the Transfer Station?
There are a few options. You can find applications online, complete the application and email to with the appropriate proof of residency which could be in a form of your vehicle registration or tax bill AND State issued License or bring it to Public Works Garage located at 7 Hood Lane in East Haddam; with appropriate proof of residency and a State issued identification.   During the annual renewal season May 1 – June 30; a Saturday date will be posted on the website to obtain a permit at the Transfer Station. For the 2023/2024-year Public Works will be onsite at the Transfer Station, Saturday, August 19, 2023; 9:00am - 2:00pm, Monday, August 21, 2023; 1:00pm – 4:00pm; or Wednesday, August 23, 2023; 7:00am – 11:00am.  Public Works will accept applications Monday through Thursday 7:00am – 2:00pm. Please bring your filled out application and proof of residency to obtain your annual permit.

I drive a company vehicle or must borrow a family’s vehicle for large bulky waste. How do I get a permit for these vehicles?
You can register any two vehicles to your address.  Register the two vehicles you intend to use at the Transfer Station.   If your vehicle is not a personal vehicle and you have a special circumstance, contact Public Works to inquire about an alternative method.  

I own multiple vehicles and would like to obtain a permit for each vehicle, why can’t I?
Currently you can obtain two permits for each household. Choose the two vehicles that your household will be using for the Transfer Station.  Note: This program is new for you and the town.  The town accepts feedback and would like to hear from you if you have this type of situation.  The town will reevaluate the program annually taking into consideration the feedback from town residents. 

I recently moved to Moodus/East Haddam, but my driver’s license still lists my old address. Can I use the Transfer Station?
Yes, however you must fill out the annual permit application and provide proof of residency to obtain a permit to use the Transfer Station.  

live in Florida during the winter and come back to my East Haddam home in the Summer.  Can I obtain a permit with my out of state driver’s license?
Yes, your state issued license or Identification from any state is valid if you can provide proof of residency in East Haddam.   To prove residency, provide your most recent tax bill showing the address of the property you wish to obtain the permit(s) for including your name that matches your identification. 

What forms of payment are accepted at the Transfer Station?
Currently cash or check payable to Town of East Haddam.  Credit cards will be accepted in the future. 

Does my Transfer Station permit expire?
Permits are valid for the Town's calendar year (regardless of the month that they are received). Permits expire annually June 30th. 

Is there a list of acceptable items that can be taken to the Transfer Station?
See the resident guide for a list of accepted items and pricing. 

Are there any items that are free to bring to the Transfer Station?
See the resident guide for a list of accepted items and pricing. 

Can I bring household hazardous waste to the Transfer Station?
No. However, the Town, being a part of the Southeastern Connecticut Regional Resources Recovery Authority (SCCRA) sponsors drop-off days at various locations in the district for these types of items at no charge to the resident. You only need to provide proof of residency, usually your driver’s license. See website for annual flyer.

Can I bring electronics to the Transfer Station?
The Transfer Station accepts consumer electronics computers, computer monitors, printers, media players and televisions generated from households.  With identity theft a growing problem, you may have some reservations about donating or recycling your computer. While legitimate computer recyclers take measures to secure and erase the data on the computers they resell or recycle, you may take greater comfort in erasing the data before you drop it off.
In accordance with state law, electronic devices from commercial and industrial sources are not covered under the program.

Can I dispose of demolition materials at the Transfer Station?
Yes, toilets, sinks, sheetrock, tiles, asphalt shingles and plasterboard all are considered demolition and can be disposed of for a fee. Not Accepted: concrete, asphalt, masonry block, stumps, dirt, sod, rocks, leaves in bags, grass clippings and hazardous waste. The cost is $120 per ton. There is a $5.00 minimum for all bulky waste. Cash or check payable to the Town of East Haddam are accepted. Credit Card acceptance is coming soon. The scale closes 15 minutes prior to Transfer Station closing. Please plan accordingly. Commercial Businesses and Contractors will need to obtain a valid permit prior to bringing bulky waste to the Transfer Station.  Please see website for more details.

A Contractor is a person who brings materials to the Transfer Station NOT generated from their PERSONAL RESIDENTIAL real estate in East Haddam.  Attendants reserve the right to ask for any documentation to authenticate the origin of the material.

Commercial waste is waste created from a business located in the Town of East Haddam.  This includes recycling waste.  Commercial waste will be charged at $120 per ton.   All in town businesses must register for a commercial permit.   More information can be found on the town website or contact Public Works.

How do I dispose of Smoke Detectors?
See DEEP website for details.

Can I take my household garbage to the Transfer Station and how much does it cost?
Yes, after obtaining an annual permit for your vehicle, no charge with an annual permit affixed to your vehicle.

Do the Transfer Station fees cover all the costs for operating the facility?
No, the operation is subsidized by the Town.

Leaf Disposal
The Transfer Station accepts leaves if they are not from a commercial firm. There is no fee for this service. The leaves should be transported to the Transfer Station and then deposited in the designated piles.
All paper and plastic bags or other containers should be removed from the Transfer Station upon leaf disposal.  

Can I bring my grass clippings to the Transfer Station?
No, they are not accepted.   See DEEP website for more information regarding other uses for grass clippings.

Can I pick up mulch/wood chips from the Transfer Station?
Free mulch/wood chips are available at the Transfer Station with a valid annual permit. See attendant upon arrival at the scale. 

Can I bring biomedical waste, such as sharps, to the Transfer Station?
No, you should follow the guidelines outlined by the CT DEEP, found here:

Can I get down trees for firewood?
Yes, click on link to fill out form to receive down trees or bulk wood chips  or contact Public Works at 860-873-5023 to be added to the list.  The town takes down trees throughout the year.  It’s a savings to the Town if the wood is delivered to a resident in town.  Please note:  Wood is on a first come first basis and delivery dates are dependent on location of tree work.  Wood will be delivered in long log lengths up to 18 feet and not split.  The resident must mark an area of drop off on property. 

How can I participate in the composting program?
Pick up your starter kit from the Transfer Station scale house or Town Clerk's Office. The kit initial cost is $20.00. Cash or check payable to the Town of East Haddam are accepted forms of payment. Credit cards will be accepted soon. What can you compost? Meat, bones, shells, dairy, eggs, fruit, vegetables, vegetable scraps, coffee, tea, pasta, bread, cereal, incidental oils and fats. Bring your composted items to the Transfer Station. See the town website for more details.

Why do I have to separate my cardboard from my other recyclables?
Savings are offered to the town for disposal of cardboard if it’s separated. If not separated the Town will have to pay commercial haulers to separate from other recyclables at a fee. 

Why do I have to separate my wood from other bulky waste?
Savings are offered to the town for disposal of wood if it’s separated. If not separated the Town will have to pay commercial haulers to separate from other bulky waste. 

How do I know my tire size to figure out the cost of each tire?
Most trailer tires, sedan, cross over tires, small SUV’s will fall under 18” and be $3.00 each. Measured by interior rim size of tire not exterior of entire tire. Use this link for detailed directions on how to read tire sizes.

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