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Marriage Certificates

If you are getting married:

Marriage licenses must be obtained in the town where the ceremony is to be held. There is no requirement for premarital blood work or a waiting period in Connecticut.   The East Haddam Town Clerk’s Office has jurisdiction to issue marriage licenses for ceremonies occurring within its borders only. 

It is requested that the marriage license worksheet be completed and emailed to the town clerk at in advance of coming in for the license.  The license will be prepared prior to your arrival.  Once issued, it is valid for 65 days, the ceremony must be performed within the borders of East Haddam.  The fee is $50.00 due at the time the license is issued.

After the ceremony has been performed, the license must be returned to the town of occurrence by the Officiator.  Certified copies shall be available at the Town Clerk's Office in the town where the ceremony was held and subsequently in the towns of residence of both parties as long as the towns are within Connecticut.  Likewise, certified copies of marriage licenses for East Haddam residents that occurred in other towns within our state will be available at the East Haddam Town Clerk’s Office. 

Marriage License Worksheet.pdf 

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