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For the most part when it comes to finding your home, your family, friends, mail carrier, etc. know where you live. When someone that has never been to your address before can’t find you, time is usually not a big deal; they can find a phone and call for directions.

Finding your address CAN be a big deal if someone can’t find you quickly when a fire or a medical emergency occurs! Fire, ambulance, and police personnel who have never been to your address need to be able to locate you quickly when you call. If your home, business and/or mailbox does not CLEARLY show your address, it can delay vital emergency help to you or your neighbors. Minutes will seem like hours when you are waiting for help! Help us to find you!

The East Haddam Fire Department is now offering highly visible reflective address markers to East Haddam residents and businesses. These professionally made address markers will be available for a nominal fee, and will be delivered to your address ready for installation. Order forms will be made available at the Town Office, and at the Company 1 firehouse located on Town Street. For further information, please contact 860-873-5037 and a fire department representative will contact you shortly.

Address Marker Flyer and Order Form 


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