Board of Finance

Board Members

William M. DiCristofaro (R) 2021, Chairman
Bruce M. Dutch (D) 2023, Secretary
Joseph J. Corbett (R) 2023
Todd H. Gelston (R) 2021
Tracey F. Gionta (R) 2021
Harvey W. Thomas (D) 2023

Staff Contact
Cynthia R. Varricchio

1 Plains Road
P.O. Box 385
Moodus, CT 06469
860-873-5025 fax

The Board of Finance meets the second Monday of every month with the exception of October which is held on the first Monday because of the Columbus Day holiday. Meetings are held in the Municipal Office Complex, 1 Plains Road, Moodus at 7:00 pm.

During the annual budget process, the Board of Finance conducts many budget review meetings, as well as a budget public hearing to provide a thorough review and public input on the proposed budgets by the Boards of Selectmen and Education.

The Board of Finance welcomes public attendance at all of their meetings.
The Board of Finance consists of six elected members and its duties and responsibilities are carried out in accordance with Connecticut State Statutes Chapter 106, Sections 7-340:349.  In accordance with State Statutes the Board is specifically responsible for:

1. Preparing the town budget.
2. Setting the property tax rate.
3. Approving deficiency and special appropriations and transfers between appropriations.
4. Determining how town financial records are to be kept.
5. Arranging for an annual audit of town accounts.
6. Publishing the annual town report.

The Board of Finance is responsible for managing the town’s budget, working closely with the Finance Department and other town departments with budget preparation and by monitoring both income and expenses throughout the fiscal year.

1 Plains Road
P. O. Box 385
Fax: 860-873-5025