Trail Maps

The Town of East Haddam is fortunate to have many miles of trails and encourages everyone to enjoy them.  The trails are generally open sunrise to sunset although some are closed during hunting season.  The properties include land owned and/or maintained by the East Haddam Land Trust, East Haddam Conservation Commission, Town of East Haddam, Connecticut Audubon Society, State of Connecticut, The Nature Conservancy and even some jointly owned with neighboring towns. 

Trail Guidelines

  • Please stay on the marked trails.
  • Do not take short cuts or make new paths.
  • Carry out everything you bring in.
  • If you find litter on the trail, please pick it up and leave the trail in better shape than you found it.
  • Respect the natural environment.
  • Don’t disturb animals, plants or habitats unless you are maintaining the trail.  Never feed the animals.
  • Whenever you hike or ride a trail alone, make sure someone knows where you are going.
  • During hunting season, wear bright colored clothing, even on properties that don’t allow hunting.  A fluorescent orange vest or hat is recommended.
  • Unless dogs are specifically not allowed, keep them on a leash or under your control at all times.
  • All users are required to obtain permission before entering private property.  By staying on marked trails you will avoid inadvertently trespassing on private land or easements not open to the public.
  • Don’t block access gates as this could prevent first responders or rescue vehicles from entering.

Trail Maps

By clicking any of the properties listed below, you can download a PDF of the individual trail brochure/map.

For a list of all the properties, the length and difficulty of each of the trails, and the activities allowed on those trails,  Click here .

NOTE:  All of the documents below are 11” x 8 1/2” except for Hatch Lot which is 17” x 11”.

Ayers Preserve.pdf 
Ballahack Preserve.pdf 

Bloch Preserve and Monica's Woods.pdf 
Burnham Brook Preserve.pdf 
Chapel Farm Preserve.pdf 
Chapman Pond Preserve.pdf 
Davison Memorial Walking Park.pdf 
Dean Easement.pdf 
Duncan Preserve.pdf

Gelston Easement.pdf  
Golet Farm Preserve.pdf 
Harris Reserve.pdf 
Hatch Lot Reserve.pdf

Hayward Reserve.pdf 
Hidden Valley Farm Preserve.pdf 
Jezek Memorial Preserve.pdf 
Lefebvre Reserve.pdf 
Lena Reserve.pdf 
Lord Wellington Reserve.pdf 
Miller Farm Preserve.pdf 
Moodus Forest.pdf
Nichols Field and Forest.pdf 
Olde Field Preserve.pdf 
PeGus's Path Preserve.pdf 
Roaring Brook Reserve.pdf 
Rose Farm Reserve.pdf 
Sabine Reserve.pdf 
Saunders Preserve.pdf 
Sheepskin Hollow Preserve.pdf 
Shugrue Farm Reserve on Long Hill.pdf 

Town Beach Preserve.pdf 
Urbanik Reserve.pdf