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    Important Information Notices

    Welcome to the East Haddam Building Department online Important Information Notices page.  Please check this page periodically to obtain important notices as received from The Office of the State Building Inspector, Department of Construction Services, and other agencies, regarding public safety matters.

    Vincent Garofalo
    Building Official
    Town of East Haddam


    10/1/12 - An Act Concerning Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Alarms in Residential Dwellings

    On 10/1/12, Public Act 12-184 went into effect.  The new law requires in pertinent part that, “Whenever any private residential dwelling designed to be occupied by one or two families is occupied during interior alterations or additions requiring a building permit, the temporary installation of battery-operated smoke detection and warning equipment and, if there is a fuel-burning appliance, fireplace or attached garage present, battery-operated carbon monoxide detection and warning equipment shall be required in the vicinity of, and during the performance of, such alterations or additions.  Such equipment shall be of a type or technology that is tested and certified pursuant to standards issued by the American National Standards Institute or Underwriters Laboratories.  Such equipment may combine smoke and carbon mono side detection technology into a single device.”

    This law has not been inserted under the statutory authority of either the Building Officials or Fire Marshals, leaving responsibility for compliance with the homeowner.  This legislation was the result of the horrific incident that occurred in Stamford, Connecticut, in December 2011.  Proponents of this bill believe that lives would have been saved had temporary detectors been installed in this home, which was undergoing significant renovations at the time of the fire. 

    Public Act 12-184 Letter to Building Officials

    Public Act 12-184