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    Codification is the act, process, or result of arranging in a systematic form or code.  In 2005 the budget authorized funding to hire a company to codify the town’s ordinances.  General Code was the company awarded the contract. 

    East Haddam retained General Code to take the compilation of the Town’s ordinances, review them with current state and federal laws, adjust where appropriate to reflect current law, and compile them into a new format.  While you are reviewing this lengthy document, please understand that the intent is to codify our current ordinances into this new format, changes in substance were not part of this process.  It should be noted that this is a draft document and has not yet been adopted by the legislative body of the town.

    Table of Contents
    Part I - Administrative Legislation (Sections 1-138)
    Part II - General Legislation (Sections 150-203)
    Part II - General Legislation (Sections 205-301)
    Chapter A350 Special Acts

    Schedule A is a guide to help you understand the changes that were made.  Much of the existing ordinance book material is being removed because it was “not code material”.  Be assured that this history is not lost, it is retained within the town meeting minutes.  The ordinance book is to be the document that reflects the policies and practices under which the Town is governed.  Additionally, meeting minutes available in the Clerk’s Office of the various meetings held over the years provide a complete picture of the document that is now ready to move forward.

    Schedule A
    Disposition List

    It is imperative to understand that this adoption process does not offer opportunity for a do over of all existing ordinances.  However, once the process is complete, further review can and should occur.

    The Town attorney recommends a complete repeal of the existing ordinance book and adoption of the new ordinance book by one resolution.

    Code Adoption Ordinance 

    In order to bring the document forward to the point where the Legislative Body of the Town can adopt the ordinance substituting the revised book for the prior one, public hearings will need to occur.  At this time it is anticipated that two public hearings will be needed.  It would expedite the process if questions or concerns could be forwarded in writing or via email to the Town Clerk at townclerk@easthaddam.org in advance of public hearing so these concerns or questions could be addressed quickly as the document is voluminous and research may be necessary.