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Financial Reports

Below are links to our Annual Reports, Audits and Budgets.

Annual Reports

Complete Annual Report year end 2009

Complete Annual Report year end 2010

Complete Annual Report year end 2011

Complete Annual Report year end 2012

Complete Annual Report year end 2013



2008-2009 Full Audit
2008-2009 Management Letter

2009-2010 Financial Statement
2009-2010 Management Letter

2010-2011 Financial Statement
2010-2011 Management Letter

2011-2012 Financial Statement
2011-2012 Management Letter

2012-2013 Financial Statement
2012-2013 Management Letter



2009-2010 Approved Budget

2010-2011 Approved Budget

2011-2012 Approved Budget

2012-2013 Approved Budget

2013-2014 Approved Budget


2014-2015 Budget

First Budget Referendum
     Citizen's Guide to 2014-2015 Budget
     Budget Public Hearing Notice
     Public Hearing Presentation
     Town Meeting Call with Budget
     May 20, 2014 Budget Referendum Results

Second Budget Referendum
     Budget Postcard
     Budget Public Hearing Notice
     Town Meeting Call with Budget
     June 19, 2014 Budget Referendum Results

Board of Finance Budget
     Expenditure and Revenue Summary (Revised 5/21/14
     Town General Fund Expenditure Detail
     Shared Services Detail
     Capital Improvements
     Other Budgetary Funds
     General Fund Revenue Detail

Board of Education Proposed Budget
     District Wide Expenditure Detail
     Elementary School Expenditure Detail
     Middle School Expenditure Detail
     High School Expenditure Detail
     Special Education Expenditure Detail
     School System Wide Expenditure Detail
     Board of Education Budget FAQ's

Budget Terminology Guide

Additional Infomation will follow as the budget season progresses.