Registrar of Voters - East Haddam

  • Town Office Building
    P.O. Box 385
    1 Plains Road
    Moodus, CT 06469
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    Registrar of Voters

    Martha Hansen, Democratic Registrar
    Lucy Salicrup, Republican Registrar

    Laurie Bennett, Deputy Republican Registrar
    Laurie Alt, Deputy Democratic Registrar

    1 Plains Road
    P.O. Box 385
    Moodus, CT 06469

    Tuesday, 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. or by appointment

    Our services:
    The Registrar of Voters office manages all elections’ processing in the Town of East Haddam by ensuring the accuracy of the voters registry list and preparedness of the election officials and voting tabulators in accordance with the Connecticut State Statutes, per the Administration of the Secretary of the State.

     The Registrars of Voters:

    See the Secretary of State’s ( website for more information.

    • Administrate all municipal, state and federal elections and referenda. (This includes arranging for: polling site set up and design; personnel recruitment; ballot procurement and security; and programming of voting tabulators.)
    • Maintain and update voter registration information with regard to address/name/party changes and communicate acceptances of these changes to voters:
    • Conduct an annual canvas of voters;
    • Attend ROVAC (Registrars of Voters Association of CT) and Secretary of the State Conferences in order to further their educations and keep current on legislative, and equipment changes that impact the running of elections;
    • Conduct a High School voter registration session;
    • Train election officials on their duties and responsibilities before each election; and
    • Implement new election laws as adopted by the CT state legislature and/or Congress

    Goals and Objectives
    Our office will continue to educate voters on the use of the new Optical Scan Tabulators in order to run smooth and successful Elections. We will also work to encourage voter registration of all eligible persons in town, as we believe voter participation is the backbone of our democracy.

    Absentee Voting
    Absentee ballots are handled through the Town Clerk's Office

    Register to Vote:

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