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July 9, 2010

Location: The Sanctuary, 59 Bogel Road, East Haddam

The Sanctuary will be hosting a Kirtan on July 9th. Kirtan is a powerful form of meditative music which involves the chanting of mantras, or names for different forms of divine-human energy. Meaning ‘to repeat’, Kirtan is a participational kind of music which involves a back and forth call and response between the musicians and the audience which creates a crescendo of beautiful, positive energy designed to open the energy centers (chakras) of your body. Participants can sit, meditate, do yoga or dance while they chant along.

The event will feature accomplished Kirtan musician Dave Russell and his band. Come get blissed out by joyful chanting, amazing powerful music, wonderful people and incredible nature. Drop by earlier at 6 PM for a communal dinner featuring savory home-made falafels (bring a dish or $5 donation).


The Sanctuary at Shepardfields

Dave Russell Kirtan

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