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    Special Needs

    People with Special Needs Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program

    East Haddam residents who require in home nursing care, assistance with daily living, or have life-saving medical equipment dependent on electricity should register for the Town’s Special Needs Assistance Program. This registration is specifically for those individuals who live alone or with their families, not in a managed care facility such as an assisted living facility or nursing home.

    When disasters occur, people need to evacuate their homes quickly to get to a safe location. Due to their medical or other conditions, some East Haddam residents will need assistance to do this. Emergency Management has developed this program for town residents who may need help when an emergency evacuation is necessary.

    Registration for this program is voluntary. Remember the special needs of your family members. Infants, the elderly and persons with disabilities need the same planning as everyone else, and sometimes a little more, to be prepared for an emergency.

    Anyone who is unable to evacuate and/or shelter on their own, due to a disability and/or medical condition (with the exception of those residing in a nursing home and/or assisted living facility or group home), should register with the East Haddam Office of Emergency Management by providing the information requested below. You may also download the form by clicking below.  The completed form can be mailed, faxed or emailed to the adress below:

    Mail to:  Town of East Haddam
                   Attention Emergency Management
                   P.O. Box 385
                   Moodus, CT  06469
    Fax to:   (860) 873-5025
    Email to: ehaddamemgmgt@easthaddam.org

    Special Needs Registration Form