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    Real Estate Assessment


    The Assessor’s Office is charged with the responsibility of valuing all taxable and non-taxable real property at its fair market value. Market value is defined as “the amount, in dollars, a property would sell for on the open market with no undue influences on either the buyer or the seller”. This work must be done annually from October 1st to September 30th and completed for the finalization of the Grand list by January 31st.

    A town-wide revaluation must be done every five years as per Connecticut General Statute 12-62. A revaluation is implemented to equalize assessed values within the Town. The last revaluation of the Town of East Haddam was conducted in 2012. It will be revalued again in 2017.

    The Assessor’s Office maintains information on real estate ownership, sales, descriptions and values. Field cards are available on-line.

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